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File: 1633538562538.png–(16.33KB, 631x501, SnP+NV.png)
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File: 1633489292046.png–(1.02MB, 914x1200, cern.png)
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http://www.boatchan.ml/ come and join (:

File: 1628879554001.png–(523.02KB, 743x704, push.png)
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Imageboard with diapers
Diapers that they can be convenient and practical to use but also sexy
You can discuss their usage or post some sexy diaper pics here

because I care about privacy, more than rules
Here are some privacy tips for bluepilled

- use veracrypt
- do not use 4chan(using google analytics, linking posts to google account)
- be aware of the fact that every "private message" you send on some forum like adisc, dailydiapers, omo.org is stored as plaintext in microsoft sql ,postgress, mongodb, can be read by people who have access to that database and will be stored forever.
- dedicate one operating system only for browsing and downloading data(like tails linux) while second airgapped, permanently offline linux system (like debian) for viewing that data later.
- do not upload images directly, upload screenshot of image instead, will delete hidden data like EXIF

also in TOR about:config

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¨ No.12
basically i want adisc and DD to die
especially ADISC
so thats why im complaining about their privacy issues

i know people here dont care abou privacy
and that their are technologicaly inept
prob dont even know how to start apache2

I created this board because some faggot on julay world doubted I would ever create imageboard site oriented on diapers

"sure you will do, faggot"

but I did

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File: 1627959036974.png–(94.20KB, 866x1024, Baka!.png)
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New board just dropped!

Come have fun and act retarded.
Get rare GETs while you can.

(thats not nice)

(BANNED for datamining)
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¨ No.7
Why this board of all places?
There are tons of other boards you can spam this shit

This board is ded
¨ No.8
baka.tk is dead too. might as well delete the thread.

File: 1627386935025.jpg–(69.52KB, 800x557, 84376996_p0_master1200.jpg)
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yes, this is weird board
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1627387142398.jpg–(266.75KB, 1200x1039, 81952393_p0_master1200.jpg)

File: 1627386991346.jpg–(203.46KB, 1200x630, 81962832_p0_master1200.jpg)
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